Hello! My name is Kami Yamabushi. I’m 39 years old; a furry, gamer, streamer… and stuff.
I was born in Canada (my birthday is on Halloween) and am currently based in Ontario. I am also proud to be Chinese-Canadian. I am fluent in English and Mandarin but am also trying to learn Japanese for fun. Career-wise, I’m a senior specialist in the IT field.
I enjoy reading (especially the fantasy and science fiction genres but will read anything that looks interesting); more recently, Japanese light novels (manga too!).
For music, I tend to gravitate towards epic instrumental/vocal, jazz, melodic trance/house, rock ballads, and music in the ‘creamy’ category nowadays. Spotify is great for finding new things to listen to.
If you want to see what I’ve watched or am currently watching, such as TV shows, movies, and anime, I use Simkl to track what I can when I remember.
Gaming-wise, I pretty much play anything that catches my attention, especially ones with good stories or innovative gameplay.
While I own several computers and consoles, my current mains are WOLF Colfax and my PS4. Occasionally, I stream my gameplay on Twitch.
If you play chess, feel free to challenge me to a game of chess too (although, I’ll admit I’m probably rusty)!
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